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How to Look Like a Real Long-Time Football Fan

Are you throwing a party in your place and watch a football game with tons of real football fans without so much knowledge about the game? If you are worried about getting embarrassed if everyone in the part discovered that you are a newbie, don’t fret now because Bridgwater Town FC got your back.

Being a newbie or perhaps a seasonal football fan is totally fine as long as you know some smooth tricks that will save you all throughout the event. For real football fans, the football season is one of the most awaited seasons where nachos, beers, crazy clothes, and losing your voice after cheering from beginning up to the end of the game are normal. But for those who are not born to be a loyal football fan, it can take some effort and adjustment to fit it.

Well, you don’t really have to go all-out just to look genuine, you can just stick to these tips below and they will surely have a hard time figuring out that you’re just faking it!

Select a Team to Cheer

Every fan has a favorite team so the first thing that you should remember is a team that you would support. Once you’ve selected a team, memorize the name of its players especially the key players and study them. Pretend that you know what you’re talking about by talking about the wide receivers, quarterback, and kickers as a start.

fans - How to Look Like a Real Long-Time Football Fan

Dress Like One

If you don’t like wearing Uggs like Tom Brady, that’s fine but dressing like one of your “favorite” team never gets old. You can buy a jersey or any team-branded shirt that you can show off or wear a shirt with the same color of your team at the very least.

Memorize Famous Phrases

Shouting famous phrases about football is what fans do to show how much they know of the game. Stay cool and drop comments with caution if you are not sure what to say and don’t want to get raised eyebrows.

Throw Rhetorical Questions

Shouting fans is NORMAL when watching football games so it’s fine to chime in once in a while. Besides, it seems like all people do is jump on their sits and shout so go with the classic lines like such as “What was that?!”,”Is anyone on defense out there?!”, and “Why?!”.

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Don’t Overdo Your Act

No matter how much you want to fit in within a short period of preparation, never overdo you act. If you get too emotional or stand out as the most animated fan in the room, people will find you a little bit suspicious until they know that you’re faking it. Stay between the not so interested house guest and an avid fan as a rule to avoid suspicions.

Have you jotted everything already? Remember to keep it cool and you’ll make everyone believe that you’re a “genuine” football fan without a sweat. Keep this checklist up your sleeves and you’ll be alright.

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