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Taking the Right Football Players’ Food Supplements

Are you looking for add-ons to your new diet plan? Well, taking note of your daily intake of food is indeed very important not only because food is a necessity but because an athletes’ body requires more discipline. Football is a kind of sport that demands a lot of energy and physical strength. If you think you’ve got what it takes to become a fit football player, you must ensure that your low-fat diet is followed properly at all times.

Save the cheat day for the awarding night and stick to your diet plan like a disciplined athlete you are. In addition to your healthy diet, preparing a supplement plan is also important. This way, your body will be able to perform accordingly on your regular workouts and games. Below are the some of the top supplements that every football player and athlete should know.

Fish Oil

With regular training and games, your body is guaranteed to experience a lot of beating and fish oil is an excellent food supplement to take care of your body. 3 grams of fish oil a day helps your body get rid of swelling, inflammation, and injuries. It also serves as a lubricant to avoid wear and tear on your joints which makes it a perfect aid during a hard training.

Multi Vitamins - Taking the Right Football Players’ Food Supplements


Generally, multi-vitamins is a great choice to ensure that everything is covered to keep your health in check. Taking multi-vitamins will help you ensure you ever part of your routine is accomplished at your best health.

Vitamin D3

Believe it or not, a lot of people have a shortage of vitamin D3 because of the lack of exposure to the sun and modernized diet. If you are one of them, be sure to take 3,000IU daily with a supplement.


Everyone needs a little lift every now and then which caffeine can do without a doubt. If you want a pre-workout nutrition that has a kick then a 50-200mg of tea or coffee will do the trick. However, avoid caffeine after 4 pm to ensure an undisturbed sleep.

whe - Taking the Right Football Players’ Food Supplements

Whey Protein

Plain whey protein minus the expensive brand will give you the same result. It is very convenient and easy to access when doing your post-workout or making healthy smoothies. If you prefer smoothies after a workout, be sure to make a blend of carbs and protein to recover fast.


Proven and tested as an essential supplement among athletes and bodybuilders, Creatine can easily improve your muscle gain and strength. But be sure to consult your trainer and doctor first before trying this.


Also known as Magnesium and Zinc, this supplement is commonly used and depleted during hard training. Most people prefer taking this before bed or before training to prepare their muscles in optimal level with faster recovery, and a deeper sleep.

If you are working hard and you think that you’re still stuck on your level of strength and muscles gain, consult your doctor and take the right supplements from this list. Taking pride in working hard is great but it won’t make it any less if you take a little help from supplements under a health professional’s supervision.

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